Points of Difference

Let’s be honest. There are plenty of places to stay in Daylesford, many of them quite lovely. You could say you’re spoilt for choice. So what makes Hudson on Wombat different, and why should you choose to stay?

Have a look at our photo gallery for starters. You’ll soon notice the attention to detail, the amazing leather couch, the leafy surrounds, the relaxing colour palette, the exquisite freestanding bath, the beautiful bed linens. They all add up to an amazing experience you can completely immerse yourself in. In fact, simply shut the door behind you, and enter a luxurious and private escape where the rest of world can cease to exist.

Just as importantly, it’s equally about the things you cannot see as the things you can. It’s the ambience, the love and care that you can feel, the definite sense that this property has been built and is maintained with passion and integrity.